• Bachelor of Education in the specialty of Plastic Arts. University of Pedagogical Sciences “Rafael María de Mendive”. Pinar del Rio, Cuba.


• Studies in Fine Arts. Provincial School of Art Instructors. Pinar del Rio, Cuba.


2009 – 2014.

• Professor of plastic arts at IPVC “Federico Engels”. Pinar del Rio, Cuba.



• “Faith”: personal exhibition at the gallery of Pinar del Rio’s Museum of History.

• “Glowing Bodies II”, personal exhibition at Pinar del Rio’s local newspaper Guerrillero.


• “Between Lights”. Atilano Almentero Ramos Gallery, (San Luis) Pinar del Río, Cuba.

• “Moved by their image”. Praga Cinema’s Art Salon. Pinar del Rio, Cuba.

• “Shiny Bodies”. Real Gallery of the association Hermanos Saiz (AHS). Pinar del Rio, Cuba.

• “Innocent Encounters”. ACAA Gallery. Association of Artisan Artists. Pinar del Rio, Cuba.



• VI Edition of the acquisition salon Arturo Regueiro. Pinar del Rio, Cuba.

• XXX Salon “20 de Octubre”, allegoric to the thematic of Technology, Space and Time in the Today’s art. Pinar del Rio’s Council of Plastic Arts.


• Collateral Award from Pinar del Rio’s Council of Plastic Arts, Collateral Award from the Cuban Fund of Cultural Property and Mention from Hermanos Saíz Association, in the 18th edition of the “Young Art Show”. House of the Young Creator. Pinar del Rio, Cuba.

• Prize “The best work of the International Summer Show” at the Impulse Art Gallery, Houston, Texas, United States.

• Mention at the XI Experimental Exhibition of Erotic Art. Arturo Regueiro gallery. Pinar del Rio, Cuba.

• Prize in the III Edition of the Young Contemporary Art Exhibition “Brisa Nueva”. Gallery (AHS). Pinar del Rio, Cuba.

• Prize in the XXII Provincial exhibition of Plastic and Applied Arts. Fidelio Ponce de Leon Gallery. (Sandino). Cuba.


Works by the artist are part of private collections in Mexico, Costa Rica, the US and Spain.

Works by the artist were auctioned by Kendall Art Center-Cuban Avant-Garde and Contemporary Art.


Works and promotions about his artistic work appear in different newspapers and magazines:

Articles published at Guerrillero newspaper:

“Challenges and Chimera of young art”. October 18, 2019. Pinar del Río, Cuba.

“Faith” in the History Museum. October 11, 2019. Pinar del Rio, Cuba.

“A year of sows”. December 28, 2018. Pinar del Río, Cuba.

“Hauser, the provocations and the Arturo Regueiro Salon”. December 7, 2018. Pinar del Río, Cuba.

“Art calms the tired spirit.” May 25, 2018. Pinar del Rio, Cuba.

“Shiny Bodies”. May 8, 2018.

Victor Manuel also assumed the photography direction of the animated film “Accompany my loneliness”, under the script and direction of Ivan Barberia and under the executive production of Edesio Alejandro.