The human figure and especially the female body have been approached throughout the history of art in different ways: from the most orthodox way to the most contemporary, with not a few makers who, from the subtle or spectacular, have permeated memory of generations of consumers or not of good art; The work of Víctor Manuel Guerra Arteaga seems to be indebted to and a consequence of this entire pictorial tradition that has remained faithfully and happily rooted in the academic conception of the so-called fine arts.

Resplendent bodies, his most recent personal exhibition, permit us to witness a work that debates between realism and hyperrealism, without intending to anchor in well-known logo-typical springs and labeled in search of a technical-human perfection that does not abandon the discourse metaphorical and conceptual that emerges in each of the works, making use of an elegant brushstroke, use of imponderable color plus a successful and particular design of each composition, trying to tie us in the turbulent crossroads of the conceptual background where it usually incarnates in the form of a hidden mask and quasi-photographic “pose”, but it is just a wink, behind all that overflow of technical virtuosity there is a backdrop that only aims to reflect and sensitize the soul of others, a kind of image that underlies many mysteries, contention, limiting situations such as kind of show where you always watch the trick, not his Making off, capturing the human species in some of his most pinnacle moments of catharsis and subjection that at all times seek to decipher their behaviors.

 Lazaro Prieto Gonzalez, art critic

May 2018.

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